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Rent a Car in South Africa

Written by my-carhire.com - 11 june 2013 18:43

car hire south africaSouth Africa is located at the southern tip of Africa and has 3 capitals Capte Town (Legislative), Pretoria (Administrative) and Bloemfontein (Judicial). There are nine provinces. It is a multiethnic society and has several cultures.

The country has been discovered by the Dutch East Company in 1652. At the time, there were diamonds and gold. Today South Africa is independent  and is a member of the commonwealth. Since 1994, the population enjoys democratic government.

One of the most famous person born in South Africa is Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid revolutionary and politican. He was the first black to serve as President of South Africa.

Since the demise of apartheid internanational tourist arrival have surged.

The Republic of South Africa offers beautiful landscapes, adventure, sport, nature and wildlife travel.

The Cape Peninsul at dusk, the Garden Route, the Cape Winelands, the Panorama Route, the road from Johannesburg to Durban (N3)  or to Cape Town (N1), the Route 62.. You will want to see everything, your eyes will be amazed.

To rent a cheap car hire in South Africa is a really good way to fully enjoy your holidays. Besides, the road infrastructure is extensive. It is easy to drive and very pleasant.

You will find locations at the airports and in the cities.

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Car rentals in Palma De Mallorca

Written by my-carhire.com - 17 february 2013 11:44

cheap car hire palma de mallorcaPalma is the major city and port on the island of Majorca in Spain.

The climate is warm most of the year, so in Palma you can swimm until the end of october. Palma is full of history that you can discover with the plaça d'Espanya, the Cathedral Area, the old city, the Banys Arab, The Rubbish containers.

Thanks to a vehicle you will be able to drive to the most beautiful bays of mallorca and also to discover the countryside. A cheap car hire in Palma de mallorca turns out to be a good way to enjoy your holidays.

You can find locations at the airport or downtown according to your convenience. We provide car rentals from the small-size car to the minibus, you even can rent a certain car category one day and another one the next day, our only advice in this case is to book in advance.

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Rent a car Nice

Written by my-carhire.com - 04 february 2013 13:19

cheap car hire niceNice is located in south of France. This city is famous thanks to, amongst other things, its "Promenade des Anglais" ("the Walkway of the English") which offers a  beautiful sea view.

Nice has a mediterrennean climate so you will be able yo enjoy mild temperatures most of the year, knowing that summers are warm dry and sunny : the perfect combination to have a real hot summer!

Nice is the second most popular French city after Paris receiving 4 million tourists every year. Seeing that Nice is a really touristic town, my-carhire has many locations downtown and at the airport where you will enjoy a cheap car hire in Nice via our website. Then, It will be easy for everyone to find a rental car no matter the place you are or the hotel you sleep in.

It is rather easy to drive in Nice, there are several traffic signs, you cannot lose yourself. Moreover, you will find many parkings so no need to wonder for hours where to park the car. Our tip will be not to drive during rush hours because the traffic is heavy.

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Car hire Tips : 6 of the best car rentals advices

Written by my-carhire.com - 27 january 2013 19:18

cheap car hireFor your very next holiday you are planning to rent a car. But it is your first time, so, this article is for you! You will find below what you have to know before renting:

Tip 1 : You rent a category not a brand of car. When you book your car hire online, you will notice a picture of a car which shows the catergory (from A to F). For example, if you rent a Ford Fiesta, you can get a Volswagen Polo.

Tip 2 : The fuel. When you pick up the car, you will notify that the tank is full, so before dropping off the car, do not forget to refuel. Look at your voucher, sometimes, there are options to drop off the car empty tank. Usually the option is called "Gold"

Tip 3 : The licence. If you entend to rent your car abroad, check before going wether you need a international licence's driver or not. It depends on the country you are from and on the country you are going to. If so, be careful not to forget your orginal licence otherwise you will not be able to pick up the car.

Tip 4 : Do not be late. The renter will not be waiting for you for hours. Usually they wait for 30 mn or 1 hour maximum. If you are going to be late, call the renter. Otherwise, the car booked will be for someone else..

Tip 5 : Early booking. first-come, fisrt-served principle. Usually, the latest you book, the more expensive it is. So as soon as you know your dates and schedule, do not wait to book you car hire. 

Tip 6 : The excess. The excess is an optionnal insurance regarding the damages on the vehicle and if it has been stolen. You can susbscribe this option when you book the car online. The insurance is not compulsary but adviced.

You can book a cheap car hire on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us for any suggestions.


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Rent a car Hyeres

Written by my-carhire.com - 24 january 2013 15:56

low cost car hireHyères is a commune in the var department in the southeastern France.

Hyères is a very quiet town where civilization and nature meet. The town lies 2.5 miles from the sea and Toulon is at only 12.5 miles. You will enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The three islands of the "iles d'Hyères" are located just offshore and they will offer you a wonderfull view. Indeed Hyeres is famous for its wonderful landscapes: clear water, nature, cigales.. a piece of heaven!

Renting a car in Hyères sounds like to be the perfect idea for your holiday in Hyères! You will be able to organize your schedule wherever you like. You can go hiking, swimming, shopping : the choice is yours!

Besides, you will love driving around and watching at the landscapes. Do not hesitate to stop the car and photograph eveything you like..

We provide car hires in Toulon-Hyères airport, train station and downton.

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